Watch Jill Biden Get Visibly Uncomfortable as Joe Biden Shamefully Panders


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Jill Biden getting visibly uncomfortable while Joe Biden panders to Hispanic voters by saying he was raised in the Puerto Rican community.


I’m surprised Joe hasn’t told everybody that he’s Puerto Rican.

Even thru his senile clouded brain the glib lies still roll of his tongue. Absolutely astounding.


  1. Well, one of his cronies is Indian,, what’s her name? Pocahontas Warran? Now senile Joe thinks he’s a PR? And what zebra claimed to be AA?

  2. Biden deserves all the disrespect he can get. He has never done anything that that was not for his own personal gain. He is however, a perfect representative for the Democratic Party.

  3. The first requisite of a Charlatan is the ability to feign sincerity. Biden does not have this skill. He is a pathological liar and sociopath and when he sees your not buying his drivel is when he starts screaming and pounding on the podium. Being a soulless criminal who has had a “Foe Sale” tag in his nose since the first day he stepped into the political arena he figures he will sell us out for political and business favors and rig the next election to get re-elected. As for Jill, she is just a skanky opportunistic social climber.

  4. This man is out of his mind. And the Democratic Party is synonymous with Mental Illness and Criminal in nature. It’s Elder Abuse among SI many other things.

  5. The only thing the quack is uncomfortable about is that this lie is so easy to see through no matter how hard the MSM tries to cover it up.

  6. standard democrat behavior.

    corrupt, scamming, lying BS all the time.

    Yeah its embarrassing.

    Whats most embarrassing is the number of idiot Americans who fall for this democrat garbage.


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