This Kari Lake Ad Will Leave You Speechless…



Arizona will be so fortunate to have Kari Lake as the Governor. Amazing candidate.

I’m a grown man, father, husband, and war veteran. This add made me cry and I will not apologize!! What a breath of fresh air. I’m rooting for you Kari!!!


  1. I can relate to Kari Lake, I come from a family of 12, with 10 children we didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together, we had hand me down Clothes to wear or my mother made them. I also grew up in the Midwest, now days I spend my winters in Arizona and summers back up north. Kari Lake is the real deal she will get things done for the people in Arizona, if I could vote in Arizona she would definitely have my support and vote. God bless Kari, keep the faith.

  2. I was born in the Rio Grande valley, Texas. I’m very familiar with the 2 nickels syndrome you alluded to. Me, two cousins and an uncle were raised by my grandmother on a very small farm. We lived on what we raised and produced i.e. (chickens, genies, cows, pigs, and rabbits). My grandmother made our clothes, and we walked bare footed 5 miles to a small country school. We didn’t know what a depression was back then. As for as we knew that was the norm. Bless Kari, she is a God send.

  3. This woman stands for God,family and country,unlike the dems and their woke , new world order,green new deal lie to keep the middle class down and out. God bless her and America

  4. Texas has Abott, Florida has DeSantis, South Dakota has Neom, Iowa has Reynolds, and now Arizona will have Lake. The domino theory showing topple the communist regime in a dummycrat state with a republican and more communist dummycrat states will fall.


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