Kennedy is just the best. Means what he says and is a true patriot.

I grew up in South Alabama. Joined the military and eventually retired from both the Army and Civil Service. I never lost my southern accent (been living in PA for over 20 years). Girls loved it but people generally believed I was stupid because of my accent. I disagree. NEVER judge a person by their accent. Kennedy has more common sense than those left wing nuts ever had!


  1. Very eye opening and terribly sad. The fact that we had so many individuals who decided it was justified to riot, loot, burn, kill and destroy entire blocks, cars, businesses and lives to the tune of George Soros dollars and then turn around and slap the police forces with the reason for their greed and b.s. is still resounding in this country today. The laziness of our youth, unwilling to take the responsibility for their actions and now the the last few years of the slipping on the darkside for the whole planet. Hitler may still have disappeared but Soros is willing to drag the entire planet to hell with Hitler’s dream

  2. Jimbo: Obviously, you don’t have any police officers in your family. I have five close family members who were/are police officers in high crime cities. You sir, are an idiot. I would dare you to do one shift with a police officer but I already know you’re chicken sh…t.

    • Amen!! I give no credence to anyone with this mindset! These people are both IGNORANT and STUPID…..seems to be a flaw with almost EVERY Democrat in this country! Let them continue to “drink the Kool-Aid”….maybe someday we’ll be rid of them…..they have NO IDEA what it’s like to be in Law Enforcement, even under the best of circumstances, and ONE SHIFT with an officer would do wonders to enlighten the people who have any gray matter between their ears! No one becomes a police officer so they can be hated and disrespected….I was taught RESPECT for the profession many years ago, and that still holds today….I agree with Kennedy…next time these idiots are in need of help, let them call their local drug dealers…perhaps they will give a damn what happens to the moron who called them!! I certainly wouldn’t!

    • Your mother, OBVIOUSLY didn’t believe in ‘choice’ and the consequence
      was the reason she named you Rose, lest anyone forget that, with your intellect, you would need to be watered twice a day!

  3. John Kennedy has so much common sense. He also has the best sense of humor and delivery of his thoughts than anyone else in politics. This officer Tatum show is on top of the truth. Anyone who is foolish enough to have no respect and appreciation of the police does not deserve their services.


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