Joe Biden Angry Over Trump’s Rally Video



Calling Biden stupid is an understatement. Trump is being polite.

I am calling Jill Biden to repent for allowing Joe through this embarrassment


  1. How is anyone supposed to understand this clown,when he can’t even speak english, but some foreign language, of bumbling,idiotic, words.Impeach this phony,fake, incompetent,joker.

  2. biden angry outbursts are just going to get worse as his dementia gets worse.

    Don’t blame anyone but your selves democrats you committed massive voter fraud to get the old demented pervert corrupt biden in office.

    Lets go brandon.

    Save the planet vote republican

  3. I am sure Biden is angry about Trumps rally video, because Trumps rallies are attended by 10 of thousands of followers, while Bidens rallies are attended by 10 to 30 followers and that is when he pays them to attend.

  4. Biden, himself, was not so far “gone” that he didn’t realize he had an aging problem when – I think – a group stepped in and offered to help keep him propped up, instruct, and be sure his appearances were protected (for the most part) in order for him to run and serve his term. Other than just “finally” getting to be president, he was trying to protect his brother, especially his son and himself from consequences for what seems to be almost treasonous behavior in order to enrich the whole family – BIG TIME! Jill had to be totally involved, but reaped the financial benefits of the selling of a Senator, Vice President’s office, prestige, and influence to foreign entities – including China and Russia as well.

  5. Well… you cannot call bs on that video can you
    Guess Biden is mad because he cannot cheat, lie or steal the truth.. the facts are there.

  6. after watching THAT video I must just say I’m ROTFLMFFAO, at nearly 70, I must say that if I Get like that at his age ? I may just take up cleaning loaded weapons, or disarming mines blindfolded and drunk, or stopping trains by stepping in front of them, and Cho Bai din is really Not so Old, The Rancher I work with is 82, and far better off mentally AND PHYSICALLY than Cho was when he first went to congress, This Clown has ALWAYS been an Idiot, ALWAYS BEEN A BLATANT LIAR and is a testament to Democrats the world over, they are All that stupid and ALL LIE LIKE A RUG, ALL ARE CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS


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