Host SNAPS at Candace Owens, Instantly Regrets It!



The fact that she would ask Candice a question and then not let her answer and kept trying to over speaker is pretty good proof

I hope Candance runs for president in the future


  1. Blacks need to dig themselves out of the stereotype set up for them by democrats. They will always be in some sort of servitude and the Left make sure they will stay there . They constantly remind them that they are LESS and always will be by giving them more and more programs , spoon feeding them and keeping them in the debt of the Joe Bidens… Hmmmmm God bless the child who what?? Whose got HIS OWN.

  2. but not, but not, but not, but not, to criticise,…. yes you were criticizing, whoever let this woman run this show, is an IDIOT,…. this, this woman who just wants to sayyy,…. To sayyy,…. to Sayyy,…. let candace owens say,…. something,…. anything,…. you Demonrat racist bag,…. piece of trash,…. let candace say something,…. anything,….let her finish a sentence,…. you DemonRAT, RACIST,…. piece of trash,…. let HER Sayyy,…. you DID ASK,… now let her SAYYY,….damn DemonRATs, and Their (so called), “freedom of speech” will NOT let an Opposing view get out there always wanna obstruct,…. always gotta interrupt,…. always Gotta talk shit,…. Never let a person finish a sentence,…. Goddamn racist DemonRATS

    • I just gotta saayyyy ,Goddamn racist DemonRATS, I just gotta saayyyy ,Goddamn, Goddamn racist DemonRATS, racist DemonRATS, racist DemonRATS, I just gotta saayyyy , Goddamn racist DemonRATS, I just gotta saayyyy , I just gotta saayyyy ,Goddamn racist DemonRATS, Goddamn racist DemonRATS, I just gotta saayyyy , Goddamn racist DemonRATS,…. and may god see this and may Gowwddd judge,…. Goddamn Racist DemonRATS, and may Gowwddd judge this woman, whoever the HO’ Is, I wish they had given the call letters of this station, and the name of this “host” because LIKE ALL LIBERALS,…. LIKE ALL DEMONRATS,…. SHE WONT LET ANOTHER PERSON FINISH, a sentence a thought, an argument, anything !, I just gotta saayyyy ,Goddamn racist DemonRATS,….

      • and yesssss , I am mocking this little girl THE HOST OF THIS TRASHY SHOW and Demonrat racist piece of trash,…. and yes i did mock this white woman, and I am a red-man and Do remember EISENHOWER,…. I am that OLD. GODDAMN A BUNCH OF PRETEND LIBERAL TRASH,…. !


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