BLACK Coach SETS Woke Reporter STRAIGHT!



“When you guys stop making a big deal about it, I think everyone else will too.” Well said, coach.

I think the world is finally waking up and standing up against the woke bs


  1. I wish more AA, Hispanics, Asians would speak up about being deemed the injured, incompetent, less intelligent more needy groups and always in need of assistance from the PRIVILEGED, advantaged whites. Neither of my folks got out of grade school. The dads died and left the mothers with a house full of kids under 13 years of age. sooo. They went to WORK and both of my parents died before they were 60. My dad was a miner. He spent his adult life under ground with a shovel and a pick, So all of the media, the victim culture , the pot stirring, race baiting ass holes can kiss my ass. We got by. We weren’t hungry, naked or under a bridge, but.. we had a GOOD life, not a PRIVLEGED LIFE. We learned to budget, conserve, use only what we needed and get by with what we had. We were obligated to get a High School diploma, which they never had the opportunity to achieve. They weren’t stupid, they were unfortunate. We learned to LIVE life and mind our own business. I now live in a seven hundred thousand dollar house that I bought for myself.. Thanks to the upbringing of being a normal, working, taxpaying, studying hard , asking nobody for anything woman. I KNOW for a fact that being white had nothing to do with it , as being NON white does not make other groups dependent idiots as portrayed by our WOKE media.

    • What an excellent post!! These politicians and “woke” idiots have never created anything in their lives….they have lived at the taxpayers expense for DECADES and if they had ever actually had to WORK for a living they would starve to death!! I have no respect for any of them, especially for their lies, corruption and utter hypocrisy. Personally, I wouldn’t give them air if they were trapped in a jug. They have nearly destroyed our country and they should never be forgiven for that!!

  2. Looks like the left really wanted to created a division in this country. Cheatin Biden doesn’t want to heal, help or unify this country. The Democrats feed off of the hate. Look at the riots, theft has risen and crime out of control in the blue cities.


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