Biden Challenged Americans Who Think He’s Senile to ‘Watch’ Him. Then This Happened.


President Biden appeared more confused than ever at a global health fundraiser yesterday, just days after he claimed his public behavior proves he’s not too old for his job.


Don’t forget his “she was 12 I was 30” statement. That’s a topper too.

I’ve been asking What’s the name of the Physician who certified him as being mentally competent. That’s something the American people deserve to know.


  1. He is unfit to hold office and every politician that says he is are liars. They all need to be removed from office because they have made it obvious that they cannot be trusted.

  2. He is a Disgrace to this country, & his Disgusting Fascist Wife is an Even Bigger One! She knew he was a Mental Mess & She Had to Be the First Lady! Those RINO’s & POS Democrats who Stole this Election are the Ones Who Should be Rotting in Jail, not the Honest, Patriotic Citizens Who Were in DC on January 6th to Exercise their Constitutional Rights! This Man Has Severe Dementia & What is Being Done to Him is Elder Abuse & Will Ultimately Be the End of Our Republic!

    • Damn straight Deb, you are on target the way you say it. Although I beg to differ on the elderly abuse, if Jerk Biden was cognitively good when he ran for president he’s responsible alone. I don’t feel sorry for him I CAN’T stand him.

  3. FJB
    Pray for him to heal and stay well enough to complete his term.
    👠 up Harris so dumb she’ll start a war with Russia over wokness.

  4. I do not want to “WATCH HIM” any longer! Because of the border and the Fentanyl, pouring in and his refusal to close the border he should be charged with accessory to murder and if convicted executed on PPV! This guy is as much a murderer that the Cartel! ( ps Democrats and a whole bunch of yellow back Republicans should bite the DUST also!!) 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, red, yellow, black, white, that are ready to right the ship!! Ultra MAGAN the greatest American Freedom MILITIA ever assembled and we do not need F-15’s!! HERE WE COME!!


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